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About Us:​

​Bee More came to life in early 2020, birthed from an idea to create nutrient-rich fruit from the diverse flora of India. We live in times when processed food is gaining ground, bringing with it infections & a lack of immunity. We long to return to a disease-free era when the right to healthy food was a birthright. With that in mind, we began our journey to scour the Indian hinterlands for the best that nature had to offer. Our first success has been with our range of fresh honey, sourced from exotic locations across India. 100% Pure, its taste is a promise of nature’s love that we have forgotten.


Bee More honey is 100% pure, and un-adulterated. We work with local beekeepers to identify the best bee-hives, and choose only those for honey extraction. The extracted honey is untouched by any additives The honey is only filtered to remove unwanted particles, resulting in fresh honey, that gleams like liquid gold. Remember, the benefits of honey can be realized only if you consume original honey. 

Quality : Our products are FSSAI certified : 20820005001950

​Honey FAQ

1. Does Bee More Honey contain added sugar?

:- No Bee More honey does not contain any added sugar such as cane sugar, rice syrup, sugar beet syrup, corn syrup or any other sweetening additives.

2. Is Bee More honey gluten free?

:- Yes, Bee More honey is naturally gluten free.

3. Why should I choose Bee More Honey?

:- We work with local beekeepers to extract honey from only the best beehives. Our honey comes with NO adulteration. This sugar free honey has NO artificial chemicals or additives.

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